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By focusing on these areas of research, the aim of the American Studies track is to impart the students with the foundations of critical thinking and academic research in order to prepare them for future studies or for successful endeavours when entering the job market.Those holding a Bachelor of Arts degree in English and American Studies are eligible for admission to the English Studies MA or American Studies MA or similar philological degrees.

Students opting for the American Studies track within the English and American Studies BA program are given the opportunity to acquaint themselves with the background and idiosyncratic features of American history, culture, literature, and the American variety of English.Students in the English studies track within the English and American Studies BA program are offered a chance to acquaint themselves with the foundations of information technology and typography in the first phase of their studies.This is followed by a series of seminars and lectures aimed at developing students’ competence in using English as a language of global communication, academic writing, and everyday oral argumentation in a scholarly and business environment.If you are in town, please stop by the Arconic booth, say hello, and sign up to win one of the white chocolate eagle eggs we are giving away.They are delicious and hand crafted locally by Lagomarcino's.

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