Dating lefton ceramics

When I turned down the final street there were cars lined up and down the grass edge.

When I went inside the house, however, the place was so big, I felt like there were only a few people in the house. The colors on this piece are really rich and I love the brass handle.

I like to collect things with chickens and roosters.

Here’s my egg basket that I love So I enjoyed watching the chickens cross the road, literally, and was back on my way to this estate sale.

He was an importer of items made in post-war Japan.

Lefton is known for imported head vases, figurines, and kitchen wares.

Last weekend I headed out to an estate sale two towns over from me.

I had to map it out so I had some idea of where I was going because it was out in the boondocks – down at least 3 or 4 back roads.

The company that put out the tidbit tray is Lefton China.Often times these special items take time to find and collect, and can be very expensive unless one has inside information and can find a great deal.Either way, no matter how they are obtained, collectibles are a great addition to any person's home.It’s one of the lines that Lefton collectors look for.According to Collector’s Weekly, Lefton China was started in 1941 by a Hungarian sportswear designer named George Zoltan Lefton.

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