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You can also start by connecting a developer board, such as a MXChip Azure Io T Developer Kit or a Raspberry Pi.

You can find more information on the Microsoft Io T Central website or start your free trial.

button press and error code), and state including device-emitted numeric or non-numeric values which defines the state of a device or one of its parts and maintained until the state change is informed by the device (e.g. To track the non-frequently changing business data such as customer name, address, and last maintenance date, associated with devices, Microsoft Io T Central enables the use of metadata, persisted on the cloud and updated either by the device itself (device properties) or the user (cloud properties) to better identify and manage devices.

Metadata persisted on the cloud can also be used to remotely control devices with Settings: when a setting is changed on Microsoft Io T Central, the desired change is sent to the device, which then takes the appropriate action and responds back with the progress and, eventually, reports that the change has successfully been applied.

To ensure the maximum level of security and the flexibility to customize access privileges, Microsoft Io T Central supports authentication of enterprise users via Azure Active Directory and single users with a Microsoft account.

Microsoft Io T Central is the first true highly scalable Io T Saa S solution that has built-in support for Io T best practices and world class security along with the reliability, regional availability, and the global scale of the Azure cloud.Microsoft Io T Central supports measurements types such as telemetry including device-emitted numeric values, often collected at a regular frequency (e.g.temperature), events including device-emitted numeric or non-numeric values generated on the device, with no inferable relationship over time (e.g.Microsoft Io T Central also supports advanced security and user management features such as Two-factor authentication and Security Groups.To explore all its features and capabilities, and appreciate the full potential of applications created, Microsoft Io T Central provides a 30 day free trial.

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Microsoft Io T Central integrates Azure Time Series Insights – a fully managed analytics, storage, and visualization service for managing Io T-scale time-series – to enable users to explore and analyze billions of events streaming simultaneously from devices deployed all over the world.

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