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Seemed to make sense, given the rep of women as purveyors of gossip, not to mention creatures incapable of keeping their traps shut. James Pennebaker, chair of the University of Texas at Austin's psychology department, says he was skeptical of the lopsided stats when he saw them quoted in an interview with Brizendine in The New York Times Magazine."I read that and I knew it couldn't be true simply because we've run too many studies," he says, "it just didn't make sense." In fact, he had been collecting data over the past decade with colleagues at the University of Arizona in Tucson that specifically showed that the sexes are about equal when it comes to a war of words.

Yannick Noah and Justine Henin played a friendly match at the Forest National in Brussels in December 2003.

Researchers used this device to collect data on the chatter patterns of 396 university students (210 women and 186 men) at colleges in Texas, Arizona and Mexico.

They estimated the total number of words that each volunteer spoke daily, assuming they were awake 17 of 24 hours.

During the 1998 Australian Open, sisters Serena and Venus Williams boasted that they could beat any man ranked outside the world's top 200.

The challenge was accepted by Karsten Braasch, a German player ranked No 203 (his highest ranking was No 38).

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It was not a serious match at all - Noah wore a dress for much of the match, and played mostly trick shots and slices, but still ended up winning 4–6, 6–4, 7–6.

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