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Swem formaly personal Stenography and official reporter to President USA Woodrow Wilson. Official shorthand writer Newyork State Supreme Court THE HISTORY OF STENOGRAPHY shorthand writing, also known as stenography, has existed since ancient times.The term stenography is from the Greek words stenos, meaning narrow or close, and graphos, or writing.Varying forms of shorthand existed in ancient Greece, Rome and Egypt.Shorthand was invented as a way to write as quickly as people talk, and is still used today, predominantly in courtrooms via stenography machines Marcus Tullius Tiro John Robert Gregg invented Gregg shorthand in 1888. teaching his method, and it was the dominant shorthand method by the middle of the 20th century Recently, I asked for an interlibrary loan to have a look at Cornell University’s “Micmac Manuscript,” a 19th century Catholic prayer and service book, handwritten in the Mi’kmaq-Récollet “hieroglyphic” script. Speck (1881-1950), who initially acquired the Micmac Manuscript for the University of Pennsylvania (see below), wrote about the Mi’kmaq in his ethnology classic, Penobscot Man: “The Micmac, Miʹk‛makik (singular Miʹk‛mα), are well known to the Penobscot, who regard them as large strong people, but poor and inclined to be mean.The Micmac Manuscript came into the possession of the Unversity of Pennsylvania in 1929, passed into the collections of Cornell University at some point, and was preserved on microfilm in Andover, MA after that.Division of Rare and Manuscript Collections Northeast Document Conservation Center 2B Carl A.

Arguable evidence exists that early scribes made occasional time-saving choices in writing Sumerian cuneiform (and its later uses in expressing other languages), as well as with Egyptian hieroglyphs, though the hieratic and demotic forms seem to suggest this unbeckoned.

Who or how many used the prayer and service book is also unknown.

Contained in the microtext of The Wabanaki Indian Collection is a 1929 letter from Prof. Speck (Pennsylvania, Chair of Anthropology) giving the Mi’kmaq-Récollet prayer book to the University of Pennsylvania.

The letter uses “samples” which shouldn’t necessarily indicate either other prayer books sent to Pennsylvania or a reference to the thin-lined writing on the bookmarks. Speck probably used “samples” to refer to the pages of the prayer book collectively, regardless of their bound state, akin to our usage of the so-called “Royal ‘we’.” As Prof.

Speck doesn’t specifically refer to the bookmarks in his letter, it would be reckless to guess whether or not the bookmarks became associated with the prayer book a day before the acquisition, a few months or years before, or a few or several decades before.

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