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Some domain registrars have suspended customers' domain names even in the absence of a court order.

For the affected customer, blocking of a domain name is a far bigger problem than a registrar refusing to provide a service; typically, the registrar keeps full control of the domain names in question.

Although Apple Pay Cash's potential is limited due to it only being available to Apple users who own a device that runs i OS 11 or higher — rivals Venmo and Square Cash are not beholden to a specific device — there is still a runway for growth.While anonymous P2P systems may support the protection of unpopular speech, they may also protect illegal activities, such as fraud, libel, the exchange of illegal pornography, the unauthorized copying of copyrighted works, or the planning of criminal activities.Critics argue that information itself is ethically neutral, and that it is the people acting upon the information that can be good or evil.Often there is no need or desire by the communicating parties to reveal their identities.As a matter of personal freedom, many people do not want processes in place by default which supply unnecessary data.

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